The Economics of Paintball Fields

Published : 03/28/2016 10:10:24
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The Economics of Paintball Fields

Airsofters sometimes rag on Paintballers and Paintball in general, naturally this will also move onto the fields as well. " Why don't they run airsoft all the time? " - " Why can't we have an all weekend game? " - " Why can't we have a Saturday event? " - These are all questions asked by airsofters and rarely do they get the answer they want. Below is a post made by the Administrator of that is very informative.

" I have heard/seen numerous players question why games cannot be held on Saturdays on a paintball field. Airsoft players usually don’t get an answer that they accept so sometimes they falsely assume that paintball field operators just don’t like airsoft. Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

Currently there are no outdoor fields that are 100% exclusive airsoft that I am aware of in the U.S. If you find one, please let me know. This leads to paintball fields that offer airsoft as an option. For a field owner, it is far more profitable for them to run paintball rather than airsoft. Field owners get to sell the paintballs and those cost a lot more than airsoft BBs. This is a fact of life.

The solutions are; A.) Section off part of the field for airsoft and some for paintball. B.) Run airsoft in the morning hours because paintball usually does not get going until after lunch. The exception to this is the summer months. Because the paintball players are out of school, there is no sense of urgency to come on Saturday as players attend paintball fields almost seven days a week. So the chances of a paintball operator giving up a Saturday for 100% airsoft in the summer become better.

Outside of the aforementioned circumstances, the weekend is when paintball fields make their money for the week, especially Saturday. Saturdays is when most of the parties are scheduled. Sundays are the last option. So with decent airsoft attendance, the paintball field operator makes about 50% or less than a normal “paintball” Sunday. “Decent” attendance means different things to different fields.

Now let’s throw in a wrench into this math equation. Say that we don’t want an airsoft Skirmish of 200 players, we want a real MilSim event, but limit it to 80 people. See what this does to the paintball field operator? Now they make 25% or less of what they would normally make running paintball. The ONLY way this become economically remotely possible is to raise the field fees for smaller crowds (See: Tanks/Phoenix)

So fellow airsofters, please think twice before complaining about field fees. It takes money to run a field; maintenance, build new cool obstacles, mowing the grass, payroll, ordering and stocking material, and pay insurance so you can have a field to play on. 

Next time you see a field owner/operator, stop them and tell them how much you appreciate them. "

Hopefully this brings some insight into how these fields have to operate! To keep up with the discussion, head over to and keep up with the thread here:

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