Airsoft is an action sport similar to paintball, where players engage in mock combat with replica weapons that emulate true to life firearms such as M4 Carbines, AK-47s and more popular firearms in the civilian, law enforcement, and military industries. The replicas fire plastic ammunition so that players can safely engage each other without fear of injury. Airsoft has also branched out into the training realm for law enforcement and military, as well as civilian firearms training. Airsoft replicas are also simply collectors pieces for some.

An airsoft replica is a replica firearm that fires plastic BBs for ammunition. There are several different types of airsoft replicas such as AEGs, GBBs, Spring rifles, and more. Please refer to our glossary page for definitions on these different types of airsoft replicas.

Airsoft is primarily played on airsoft or paintball fields that are either open to the public or closed for private parties. There are also companies who promote and offer large scale airsoft games that are held all over the country (and the world) in all kinds of different locations whether they be outdoor, indoor, or both. Some of these locations include military bases and training facilities, private property, abandoned towns, and more!

For info on finding a place to play, head over to www.airsoftc3.com and become part of the airsoft community! AirsoftC3 is a central registry for all airsoft fields, shops, retailers, and teams all over the United States.

While there are some competition events for airsoft, primarily most events and games are simply played for enjoyment.

Airsoft is very easy to get into! All you truly need are eye protection such as goggles or a mask, an airsoft replica, and some BBs! However there are lots of other accessories and types of equipment to make your experience more immersive and enjoyable! Many fields and events also offer rental equipment if you are unsure on how to get started.

Airsoft is a very affordable sport compared to Paintball or even firearms sport shooting. Ammunition costs less than a penny a shot, and the replicas themselves are very affordable, with high end options costing less than $300!

Most fields and events do not allow children younger than 10 to 12 to play simply because the nature of the sport is mock combat and can be intense for younger players, not to mention there is physical pain involved as players intentionally shoot each other.

Because of the nature of the airsoft replicas emulating firearms very closely, and the gear and dress emulating military and law enforcement, it is strongly advised that players stick to sanctioned airsoft and paintball fields. It is also illegal in most states to even brandish airsoft replicas in public, much less engage in mock combat. It can easily be mistaken as a serious life threatening situation to on-lookers.

Airsoft replicas very closely resemble firearms! Law enforcement treat them as such, as will most any person you encounter in public. Treat them as firearms and keep them in a case or box when not engaging in play.

Eye protection is the most vital piece of equipment to have when engaging in any airsoft activity, whether it be mock combat, training, or even target practice. Full-sealing goggles or even a full mask such as a paintball mask are vital. This will prevent a BB from causing serious injury from a strike to the eye. Protection for your teeth such as a mouthguard is also vital as some BB strikes can harm your teeth as well.

Airsoft BBs are typically fired at a velocity of 250-500 FPS (feet per second) which will defeat any normal glasses. Goggles or masks rated for ANZI Z87 are the typical standard accepted as sufficient to stop an airsoft BB. In the case of shooting glasses, not having a full seal around your eyes presents a very real danger as BBs can come in from multiple directions and could enter through a gap and cause an eye injury. Your eyes don't grow back!

Airsoft BBs are much smaller projectiles than paintballs. Chest or other body protection is not necessary to prevent any injury. While the BBs will sting, they can't do anymore harm than the sting itself. Sometimes smalls welps or bruises can be inflicted at close range. Wearing short sleeves or shorts is not advised as a close range shot to bare skin could cause a breaking of the skin in some cases.

Things to look at when buying are of course price, type of replica, length, and what features the replica has. Warranties are also important! Give us a call at 281-909-0700 or reach out to us over email at custservice@xtremeairsoft.com for help on making your purchase!

Most any AEG will run well off of a NiMH 9.6 volt battery or a LiPo 7.4 volt battery. For more help on buying a battery, contact us.

Do not buy your BBs at the department store or the sporting goods store! Non-precision BBs will damage your Airsoft replica! Trusted brands such as Elite Force, G&G, KWA, and others you can find on our website are precision grade and will not damage your replica.

Yes! We have a full service tech shop where we repair, upgrade, and build airsoft replicas! Contact us for more information on tech services.

A Rail Interface System (R.I.S.) has revolutionized the firearms industry by allowing operators to attach grips, accessories, scopes and more to their weapons.  Rail Interface Systems are typically found on assault rifles and submachine guns (SMGs).

Rail Interface Systems utilize a ‘Picatinny’ rail design which is a bracket used to provide a standard mounting platform.  The term ‘Picatinny’ was created by Picatinny Arsenal which was the first company to test and distinguish it from other standard rail systems.

The Picatinny rail system is designed with a series of ridges that are shaped like T’s and have cross-sections that are interspersed with flat spacing slots.

Each of our airsoft replicas sold here at Xtreme Airsoft are considered "high-end airsoft replicas."  As such, our replicas desire BBs with a minimum weight of .20g and brands such as Elite Force, G&G P.S.B.P., Madbull, etc.

Using a smart charger gives you a much faster charge time and won’t damage your battery by overcharging it.  It automatically stops sending a current when your battery is fully charged by detecting delta peaks. After the battery has completed its charge the charger goes into trickle mode to maintain a full charge on the battery without overcharging it.  Overcharging a lithium polymer airsoft battery risks inoperability at a minimum.  In extreme cases, overcharging can cause explosions and fires and can be a serious hazard.  Keep in mind, if you are not using a smart charger and you notice your battery is beginning to swell, immediately remove the battery from its charge source and dispose of properly.