Xtreme Airsoft LLC offers a large selection of airsoft guns, airsoft tactical gear, accessories, and more.  We carry all of the major brands you know and love like KWA, G&G, Elite Force, Ares, Krytac, and more.  We sell airsoft rifles, airsoft sniper rifles, ghillie suits, airsoft submachine guns, airsoft tavor, M4 replicas, gas blowbacks, airsoft AEGs, and more.  We are a leading airosft authority and the largest airsoft retailer in Texas.


Realizing a need for airsoft outlets in Houston, TX and its surrounding areas, Xtreme Airsoft first opened its doors in October 2013.  Since our conception, we've expanded our operations to include the largest assortment of airsoft guns, accessories and gear in the State of Texas.  From our full-fledged brick and mortar store to our website, Xtreme Airsoft now provides easy access to our unique stock of airsoft guns and gear to everyone.


Xtreme Airsoft has the largest selection of Airsoft products in the State of Texas (and yes, we ship too). We offer the highest quality airsoft brands at competitive prices. We carry Classic Army, KWA, G&G, Echo1, WE, Lancer Tactical and many more brands that airsofters love and enjoy.

Whether you're a beginner or a veteran to the airsoft world, we have what you need to get you ready for the game. From airsoft guns to BBs, flash hiders to mosfet switches, you'll find it at Xtreme Airsoft. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need, all in one place.  We're your one-stop-airsoft-shop!


We strongly believe in treating our customers fairly and honestly while delivering superior service. If you shop with Xtreme Airsoft, you can be sure we'll take care of you on the field and off.  We know that purchasing in this industry can leave you with a feeling of uncertainty but we're here to turn that around.

Our friendly and knowlegable staff will always be there to help with any sort of question or problem you may have regarding the world of airsoft. We employ individuals that not only know the airsoft industry but live it too. We are your Southern authority on Airsoft and we're striving to maintain that for years to come.

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